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A PhD. in Clinical Psychology. An Expert of Empowerment. Kind of Like a Hope-Filled Guide On Your Path to Healing

Dr. Tama Lane holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She is an internationally recognized expert in the field of intergenerational trauma. She continues to serve as an expert on many projects and lends her voice to organizations that provide mental health care to individuals, families, and groups. Dr. Lane also specializes in peak performance and wellness for women.

To develop her high-level clinical acumen, she has worked in France, England, Israel, the Occupied Palestinian Territory, and Chicago. In the New York City area and Jordan (Middle East), she worked at torture treatment centers treating survivors from 80 different countries. Additionally, she has worked at various Chicago hospitals as well as New York hospitals and clinics, providing clinical and therapeutic interventions for children with recent histories of physical and sexualviolation, children infected with HIV, and in-patient psychiatric populations.

Her passion lies in developing wellness programs, creating online platforms, and discovering how trauma transcends generations specifically in BIPOC communities as well as helping individuals break the chains of their past to feel empowered when facing various life stressors in the present. As Co-Founder and Clinical Director of Evergreen Meadow Academy (EGMA), she created and executed an innovative program for girls following traumatic life events. Dr. Lane currently serves on the Advisory Board of EGMA. Most of her life’s work has centered around helping people break inherited generational emotional legacies, understanding how trauma and deficits in childhood attachment impacts adult “everything,”and fostering insight and self-awareness by changing the way people think, see, and experience love for themselves. With her unique ability to tap into the core-self that lives in everyone, Dr. Lane continues to transform lives.

Dr. Lane helps people envision who they want to be and how they are going to get there. Kind of like when a psychologist meets the sentient magical sorting hat from Harry Potter. Spoiler alert: Her hat of experience isn’t magical. Rather, it’s your shifting mindset to deconstruct, discover, unlearn-relearn, and turn the spotlight inward to propel forward movement in life.

To continue advocating for survivors as well as empowering individuals struggling with the daily stressors of life outside of her New York-based private practice, Dr. Tama Lane founded Accurize Coaching. These intentional coaching services are not an extension of psychotherapy but help clients experience core transformation nonetheless.



Dr. Lane received her B.A. from the University of Chicago.
After receiving her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and graduating at the top of her class from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Dr. Lane completed a two-year fellowship at Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture.

She has a particular interest in the psychology of children impacted by adverse childhood experiences, BIPOC mental health, and violence in marginalized communities both locally and internationally.
Additionally, she helps individuals through life’s toughest challenges with her personal and performance coaching services.

In the earlier years of her practice, Dr. Tama Lane traveled to numerous different countries around the world to help refugee survivors psychologically recover from war trauma and torture. Due to her high-level knowledge and passion, she has been invited to speak on panels, facilitate workshops, and train clinicians in the Middle East, France, England, and Sweden, including various organizations in the US.

Dr. Lane is committed to understanding the aftermath and legacy of violence, being raised in broken homes with emotionally inadequate parents or caregivers, their social implications, how they influence and jeopardize human development as well as how they effortlessly leapfrog from one generation to the next.

Bloomental, Formerly New York Psychotherapy and Neuropsychology. Accurize Coaching, SortLife™ Digital Studio, and Ungloom™ are platforms created by Dr. Lane to educate and transform.

Let’s Talk About

When was the last time you truly listened to someone else’s struggles in life? Interestingly enough, you may find them to be strikingly similar to your own. That’s because we have all collectively experienced life and we are all going through it. Forging a path to long-lasting change starts with having the courage to share present and past experiences with others who share the same struggles. So, let’s talk about it.

Collective Trauma

Our collective trauma and impact on our mental and physical health cannot be quantified. Many have faced challenges that have been stressful and overwhelming in both adults and children. Learning to identify and understand the landscape of your mental health during times of high stress, will allow you and those around you to be more resilient.

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Mental Health Literacy

Bipolar doesn’t mean moody. Depression isn’t a funk or having the blues. Mental health literacy is an important empowerment tool as it helps people better understand their own mental health, increases resilience, allows more control over mental wellness and emotional well-being.

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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the symptoms that follow have its greatest impact on children. The trauma that started “out there” is now played out on a battlefield within the body.

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BIPOC Mental Health

Cultural norms can hijack mental wellness. Prioritizing emotional well-being, unpacking the aftermath and legacy of trauma, and changing the narrative around mental health is the blueprint for shattering barriers.

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Making The Unseen Seen

Feeling invisible makes it that much easier to feel alone. Alone with your past, alone with your present, alone in the world. Does that sound familiar? Together, we’re cutting those feelings off at the source!

From the depths of trauma to the heights of self-love, Dr. Lane’s 1-Minute Musings are a perfect balance of clinical insight and lighthearted humor, making the wellness journey a little easier. Who ever said no to a little extra mental health TLC?

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The Mental Bureau

How Your Core Beliefs Influence Self-Love and Relationships
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Toxic Shame
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The Art of Saying ‘No
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A Guide On Your Path To Hope and Healing

Bloomental Psychology (“Bloomental”) is the psychotherapy network designed to support and empower individuals who need the transformative healing required to reconnect with their true core selves.

To bloom is the period of flowering and the process of maturing into the achievement of one’s potential. Dr. Tama Lane, founder of Bloomental, believes in the power of human connection and the ability for people to heal themselves with the right support. Bloomental is that support.

 Would you rather have the pain and discomfort of staying stagnant where you are now or the pain and discomfort of growing into your truest self?

Bloomental Psychology

Empowering Individuals To See Life Differently By Healing The Past To Trailblaze The Future.

“I have been seeing Dr Lane for a few years now, after a traumatic event. Dr. Lane truly understands how trauma lives in your body and how it affects one’s daily life and relationships. She focuses on the whole person and utilizes a holistic approach and because of her empathy and ability to bring humor into our sessions, I was able to heal and regain a sense of control. Her compassion, empathy and nonjudgmental approach helped me regain balance in my life.”

“What can I say about this remarkable woman Dr. Lane. As a disabled combat veteran, I have had a long list of suppressed issues due to injuries sustained while I served. I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Lane for over a year now and have been able to identify and work through issues that I hadn’t spoken about in a decade. Very grateful to her and all the great work she has done for me. I am a better man inside and out because of Dr. Lane.”

“I have been in and out of therapy for 10 years, and Dr. Lane has hands down been the best psychologist I’ve ever had. She was introduced to me by two friends who highly recommend her. She’s kind, open, fresh, dedicated, and really committed to ethics. She gives holistic care to her patients and makes sure they are supported.

“Working with Dr. Lane has been such a vital part of my emotional journey of healing. While she doesn’t give me the answers, which is what I sometimes want, her questions and “things to think about” lead me to my own answers and resolutions. I feel no judgment and most importantly I TRUST Dr. Lane. This trust has allowed me to be vulnerable and transparent which invited me to open up more which in my opinion is critical in therapy. She also has a soothing voice which is so welcoming.



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