DR. TAMA LANE Advocating, Educating & Transforming.

Meet Dr.Tama Lane

Meet Dr. Tama Lane, an internationally recognized expert in the unique intersection of intergenerational trauma and peak performance and wellness for women. She’s a vocal advocate for a modernized approach to psychology, insisting that the field’s traditional norms often overlook the complexities of individual experiences—be they personal, cultural, racial, or religious. Dr. Lane emphasizes that empathy must be coupled with a nuanced understanding of these different experiences to offer genuinely effective care.

With a global breadth of experience that spans from the clinics of France and England to the torture treatment centers of New York and Irbid, Jordan, Dr. Lane’s acumen is both deeply empathetic and rigorously clinical. Dr. Lane doesn’t just “talk the talk”; she has lent her expertise to diverse projects around the world—ranging from treating survivors of torture and war trauma hailing from 80 countries, to providing therapeutic interventions for children affected by physical and sexual abuse, conducting emergency room evaluations in Chicago’s public hospitals, or offering therapeutic care in inpatient psychiatric settings. If you’ve heard the phrase “breaking the cycle,” know that it’s more than a catchphrase for Dr. Lane; it’s a life mission. She’s fiercely committed to helping other dismantle inherited generational emotional legacies, particularly within BIPOC communities.

As a former Clinical Director of Evergreen Meadow Academy, she’s architected an innovative program designed to empower girls following traumatic events. She continues to support its vision and practices as a member on the Advisory Board. Moreover, she’s continually pushing the boundaries of traditional therapy by diving into how childhood attachment deficits casts long shadows and pretty much impacts everything in adulthood—from relationships to mental health.

Now, imagine a blend of empathetic counselor, keen clinical observer, and a transformative life coach; that’s Dr. Lane for you. Her expertise isn’t contained in a magical hat; it lies in her ability to help you shift your mindset in profound ways to envision new possibilities of who you want to be and how you can get there – specifically, helping you meet the self you envision just over the horizon. Through practices of deconstruction, self-discovery, unlearning and relearning, she propels you to turn your inner spotlight on and march forward to a life less ordinary.

But her vision transcends her New York-based private practice. Over the past several years, Dr. Lane recognizes the growing need for non-clinical but transformative interventions. To reach those in need of life re-engineering but who may not require – or want – traditional psychotherapy, Dr. Lane founded Accurize Coaching. Consider it a targeted intervention for the soul—a core transformation experience that doesn’t necessitate a clinical setting but is impactful, nonetheless.

Who is Dr. Lane?
Meet the expert committed to uprooting generational trauma—Dr. Tama Lane. With a top-tier educational background, Dr. Lane passionately advocates for a modern, empathetic, and nuanced approach to psychology. Her wide-ranging clinical experience includes emergency room evaluations, therapeutic treatment for survivors-of-torture, refugee trauma, and interventions for abused children.
What Does She Specialize In?
Far from being pigeonholed, Dr. Lane is a multi-faceted thought leader. While she brings fresh perspectives to BIPOC mental health and the toll of adversity on marginalized communities, her expertise is just as applicable to individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Her clinical and coaching services offer customized solutions tailored to navigate the intricate maze of individual life experiences.
Where Has Her Work Taken Her?
Her influence extends from clinics in France to emergency rooms in Chicago, to torture treatment centers in New York and Irbid, Jordan. Recognized for her innovative insights and therapeutic techniques, she has shared her knowledge with clinicians and organizations in the Middle East, France, England, and the United States.
Why is She Committed?
It’s a crusade fueled by purpose — Dr. Lane delves into the aftermath of emotional neglect, violence, and broken homes. She doesn’t merely diagnose the issue; she’s on the front lines, working to prevent these emotional time-bombs from detonating across generations.
How Does She Make an Impact?
Bloomental Psychology™, Accurize Coaching™, and Ungloom™—these are more than just brand names; they are pivotal shifts in the landscape of mental health and personal development. Carefully designed by Dr. Lane, these platforms serve as transformative conduits that empower individuals to redefine their emotional stories and turn them from survivors into thrivers.

Welcome, Let’s Discuss

Are we more than the sum of our experiences? The answer, of course, is complex. But one thing is clear—our experiences, whether joyous or heartbreaking, leave an unshakable imprint on us. To truly flourish, we need to dissect these experiences, understand their impact, and rebuild with a sense of purpose. This journey starts with dialogue – conversations that don’t merely scratch the surface but reach deep into the unspoken territories of collective and individual trauma, mental health, cultural dynamics, and more.

Navigating Trauma
Mental Health Literacy

Collective Trauma: Our Shared Scars, Our Shared Strength

Navigating the aftershocks of collective trauma—a global pandemic, social upheaval, or climate and environmental disasters—is like wading through an emotional minefield. While the scope may be incomprehensible, understanding how shared experiences shape our psychological landscape is the first step towards collective resilience—for both ourselves and our communities.

Unpacking the Mind: The ABCs of Mental Health Literacy

No, “bipolar” doesn’t equate to mood swings, nor does “depression” mean a never-ending bad day. Understanding mental health isn’t just eye-opening; it’s empowering. Picture this: you’re in the driver’s seat of your own mental wellness road trip, steering through complex psychological landscapes equipped with the map that bypasses harmful stigmas and stereotypes. Now that’s what we call mental health literacy.

Chromatic Wellness: BIPOC Mental Health & Its Intersectional Reality

It’s not just “mental health” when it comes to BIPOC communities; it’s a vivid mosaic of historical emotional legacies, systemic hurdles, and cultural taboos. Let’s break it down, examine, unravel these interwoven threads to craft a more relatable, yet impactful narrative that resonates with real, multifaceted experiences.

Trauma & Resilience: From Shadows to Light

Navigating trauma is a delicate balance, like walking a tightrope suspended over an abyss of emotional turmoil. And while it does leave lasting marks, our stories don’t end there. This section explores the power of resilience — how we not only bounce back but leap forward, redefining ourselves in the process

Childhood Imprints: Understanding ACEs

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) don’t just fade away; they can shape our adult lives in ways one scarcely realizes. However, we’re not merely byproducts of our past; we are the authors of our future. Let’s pull back the curtain on ACEs and discover how you can navigate the path towards consciously constructed life.


Making The Unseen Seen

Ever feel like you’re a muted participant in the never-ending conference call that is your life? Struggling alone with your thoughts, your past, and your present woes? Resonating yet? Let’s team up to smash that “Unmute” button. Step into The Mental Bureau, where I lend my voice and multifaceted experience to amplify your own, offering a sanctuary for both our voices to be heard. Together, we’ll untangle intricate emotional webs and spotlight those underestimated aspects of mental wellness.

Dive into Dr. Lane’s 1-Minute Musings, where we brew the perfect blend of clinical expertise, real-life relatability, and a frothy dash of wit. From the abyss of trauma to the summit of self-love, these bite-sized insights are your daily shot of mental health espresso—potent, quick, and irresistibly good. It’s the mental wellness pitstop you didn’t know you needed, but now won’t want to miss. Let’s face it, who could resist a well-crafted brew of wellbeing, served with a wink?”


Navigating You to a Life in Full Bloom

At Bloomental, we transcend the boundaries of traditional therapy to offer you a 360-degree route to wellness and self-discovery. Think of us as the GPS for your mental health—finely tuned to your unique needs, aspirations, and challenges. With Dr. Tama Lane by your side, you’ll delve into tailored therapies and practices designed just for you.

What does ‘bloom’ mean here? It signifies the unfolding story of a flower and the flourishing of individual potential—aligning perfectly with our mission at Bloomental. You’re not embarking on this journey alone; you’re entering into a partnership. One that values your insight and lived experience, guided by the ultimate expert: you.

Faced with the choice, what path will you take? Will you stay anchored in your comfort zone, or will you embrace the unsettling yet liberating process of unlocking your true potential? The choice is yours: the safety of the familiar or the transformative power of growth


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