The aftermath of trauma is often even more devastating and debilitating than the trauma itself.

Changing the narrative around mental health is the blueprint for shattering barriers.

Trauma is not a story about the past. It lives in the present – in both the mind and body. Left untreated, it has no expiration date.

Dr Tama Lane

Dr. Tama Lane is an internationally recognized expert in the treatment of survivors of trauma, particularly those impacted by cycles of community violence. Dr. Lane employs traditional evidence-based therapies while developing a deeper approach to treating trauma through mental wellness, body-based practices, coaching, and creative storytelling to dismantle the silence of stigma and shame. She is the creator of, and an established New York based private practice to work with diverse populations affected by a variety of complex life stressors.

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Let’s Talk About


Changing how we think, feel, and talk about trauma

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Bipoc Mental Health

Stigma and cultural norms are roadblocks to living mentally healthy lives

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Mental Health Literacy

Bipolar doesn’t mean moody and depression isn’t a funk

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Pandemic Trauma

Our collective witnessing of trauma has impacted our mental health.

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Stories Matter

Stories Matter! We believe storytelling has the power to fight mental health stigma. Stories connect us and we find aspects of ourselves in other’s experiences. Through sharing experiences, we discover – we are not alone.

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Whatever your journey, everyone’s trauma speaks the same language. On the Hey Trauma Podcast, we talk “beyond” the symptoms to have real conversations about the unthinkable events in life, the unspeakable, and the aftermath of when bad things happen.

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