Social Justice/DEI Initiative

Mental Health Moves Through Every Member Of Society

Bloomental Psychology strives to support the transformation and success of all individuals as they navigate through society and various cultures that stigmatize mental health struggles as insurmountable roadblocks to living mentally healthy lives. Those stigmas are especially prevalent in the BIPOC (Black, Indigenousness, People of Color) communities, where dialogue surrounding mental health has historically been discouraged. Dr. Tama Lane firmly believes that equity goes hand and hand with justice. This shows through her unapologetic support of therapy decolonization which is emulated through her world-class practices.

Client vulnerability isn’t silenced, it’s celebrated. Dr. Tama’s goal is to help communities of color prioritize their mental well-being. She holds her clients in the highest regard and sees it as her personal and professional responsibility to walk them through their healing journey. Without a doubt, changing the narrative around mental health is the blueprint for shattering barriers. She understands that the relationship between mental health care and the communities that often face the most adversity are packed with a variety of historical anti-self-care methods. This is where the dominance of culture, origin story oppression, ancestral history, and current societal norms take over within the emotional well-being of any one client. Although many members of marginalized communities are taught to hold their pain and swallow their voice, it’s time to be vocal and visible. Within families, we learn “not to talk about private matters outside the home,” and to “brush it under the rug.” We learn that depression is a weakness, which is attached to shame. The family remedy is to “get over it” or simply “push it out of your mind.”

When you dare to own your emotions, breaking silence is often met with harmful labels of crazy, mad, nuts, or insane. These cultural norms hijack mental wellness because they strip away their sacred nature. Our identities are based on the stories and narratives we tell ourselves about our life experiences. Stories can be edited and rewritten.

No Societal Limitations. True Emotional Freedom

At Bloomental, we believe forward mental movement involves creating a space for women and men of color to bravely share and re-author their own stories. It truly is okay to not be okay. This statement comes with no shame. Talking about the impact of life experiences that jolt and, sometimes, mentally immobilize, is not a weakness. It’s a superpower.

As a woman of color who successfully works in an arena where only approximately 4% of doctoral-level psychologists are Black in America, I understand. I have been given a unique perspective to witness the lack of awareness, attitude, knowledge, skills, cultural competence, and cultural humility that block effective support and quality of care to those self-identified in any ethnic, racial, sexual orientation, QUILTBAG, religion, gender, and socio-economic group. At Bloomental, we choose to collaborate and nurture collective growth. As you walk the path to discovering your true core-self, we empower each step you take to freedom. Freedom from the labels, independence from the (mis)diagnoses, and autonomy in the way you choose to live and look at the hope-filled future ahead.