Soud: Mother and Syrian War Survivor

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I lost my country, but I am still an “OM” (Mother in Arabic).

I feel pain, sadness, and instability. I feel fear all the time especially fear for my family and grandkids back in Syria. I feel their pain and they are always on my mind. Will Syria ever be back as it was before? Will my family ever live there safely? An OM is a small word with few letters in it but contains large meanings of love, compassion, sacrifice and tenderness. A mother is like a river ever flowing doesn’t dry – overflowing with endless compassion. She is the wide shoulder that you rest your head on and share your burdens with. A mother gives and doesn’t ask for compensation. She is the reason you are alive and the reason of your success, gives you from her blood and health so that you grow up healthy and strong. She is your best allay in this life and a reason for you to enter heaven.

(Photo Credit: Dr. Tama Lane – Jordan, May 2016)