Community Guidelines

The Mental Bureau is an online blog and mental wellness platform. This digital content platform is dedicated to creating positive change and understanding related to mental health and the everyday stressors of navigating life and
relationships. The topics will range from mental illness stigma to breaking toxic relationship cycles, and everything in between. Majority of the blog content will be available for paid subscribers. You, along with other paid or unpaid users of our website are hereby referred to as the “Member(s)”. The Members on our platform are able to post a variety of content in different forms, such as text and comment, etc. Therefore, you will often come across such content that is posted by our Members in a variety of forms. We have developed a set of Community Guidelines that outline what is and is not allowed on our platform. The
members are expressly prohibited from upload or sharing or texting content that violates any applicable law or these Community Guidelines. These guidelines are our acceptable use policy, so if you come across a content or feedback that shouldn’t be on our platform, please report it to us at drtama@themental

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