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Breaking News: The False Narcissist Epidemic Is Here

You’re a narcissist, you’re a narcissist, we’re all narcissists! – But let me stop you right there. Narcissism continues to pick up steam, rolling into a rampant catch-all, throw-around phrase. We’ve officially found ourselves in what I like to call the False Narcissist Epidemic. If I had a nickel for every client, friend, self-proclaimed Instagram

Toxic Relationships May Be Today’s “Hot Topic,” But There’s Something More Important

There’s nothing like the feeling of starting fresh with someone new — it’s exciting, exhilarating, and makes you feel like anything is possible. But what happens when you realize that the person in front of you isn’t who you thought they were? What happens when your shiny new relationship starts showing its true colors and

What If Women Stopped Trying to Be Perfect

What If Women Stopped Trying to Be Perfect? It’s no secret that women are constantly pressured to conform to unrealistic beauty standards set by society. From yoga, Brazilian butt lifts, and TikTok beauty trends to the portrayal of perfect robot housewives in movies, women have been forced to strive for impossible perfection. Men often supply

Destigmatize Mental Illness

Let’s De-stigmatize Mental Illness: Why the Media’s Favorite Slogan Misses the Mark Adverse mental health remains a persistent issue in our society, and it’s one both politicians and the media address head-on. While this is great in theory, the media and its comrades continue to focus on individual aspects or behaviors without acknowledging the factors

Pocket-Sized Psychologist

Why is everyone walking around like a pocket-sized psychologist? I didn’t know I could call myself a psychologist without having to attend a decades-worth of specialized education and training. Dang, I should have skipped the whole ordeal! NOT. Lately, I’ve noticed everyone (okay, maybe not everyone, but a considerable majority of people) seems to be