To Reach Courage You First Must Walk Through Vulnerability

Trauma is a glaring reminder of our own vulnerability and fragility as we navigate through life. The loss of control over one’s body, surroundings, or life can result in emotional numbing, withdrawal, feeling exposed, and powerless. Whether physical or emotional, trauma shatters and destroys our sense of security, making us feel helpless and vulnerable in a dangerous world. Thus, the aftermath of trauma deeply implants feelings of fear and sometimes non-engagement in life as a means of self-protection. These responses are NORMAL reactions to ABNORMAL events. ~ Dr. Tama Lane
To hide in the shadows and not be seen is NORMAL after a traumatic experience. For survivors, to be seen – to be visible — often leads to deep feelings of shame, panic, fear of judgment, and self-blame for things they did not do or did to survive. Let’s face it, you can’t tap your ruby red slippers 3 times to re-write history or wish the trauma away. Stepping through the portal of trauma changes you in every imaginable way. Give yourself the gift of patience to heal and the courage to be visible and vulnerable – not always comfortable – but never weakness. Period!