Hey Trauma, The Day We Met: Survivor of Physical Abuse

Hey Trauma, The Day We Met….

You changed my universe. You sunk me to the bottom of the ocean like a grain of sand, where I gasped for air endlessly as each where each second of my life passed me by. You followed me everywhere I went and blinded me from the happy life that I once knew.
You taught me the true meaning of fear, mistrust, deception but worse of all you showed me how to stop living. Even though your poisonous ways will always run through my body like a dripping faucet, it is now that I have learned to see the better side of you.
You showed me that ones strength can be endless, you showed me to speak until one is truly heard, you taught me that the power of positive thought is truly miraculous but what you taught me the most is to never take a happy feeling for granted again.
Yes, you will continue to sink me, blind me and scare me at times but I will in return continue to live in each happy moment.